Bajrangi Bhaijaan – A Must See!

I love to escape and enter the world of Bollywood, so I often wait for a really good movie recommendation from my daughter Niki and then off we go – usually together to Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego.  Niki recommended Bajrangi Bhaijaan, she already saw it last weekend in the Los Angeles area.  However, she wanted to see it again.  She said I would really like it.  Niki’s a good judge of the types of movies that I like.  So, I was curious, and as I said, I like to escape to Bollywood.  This movie stars Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan and little Harshaali Malhotra.

Sometimes, little Chandra comes along, and even though she doesn’t understand Hindi – she reads the subtitles. Well, I think Chandra was really happy that she came along to see this movie as it got to her just like it got to me, and Niki.  We all cried, ever so much – it was such an emotional movie for us, and we absolutely loved it, even though we cried our eyes out!

Chandi (the nickname for Chandra) is 6 years old, just like the little girl in the movie.  The girl in the movie was named Munni, even though her real name was Shahida.  Just briefly, Munni (who can’t speak) got separated from her mother while on a train in Pakistan, and ends up in India all alone. Salman Khan ends up taking care of her.  The basic premise of this movie, I think is that love conquers all.  The two countries India and Pakistan share a lot of history, there can be much bitterness, mistrust, and hatred that can stop someone from belng allowed to even cross the border, but does a little child care about that?  All she wants is to get back home.

Munni is so cute, just like my Chandi.  Don’t you think Chandra resembles Munni?  If you don’t know what Munni (Harshaali) looks like click here.

Chandra in Coronado

Chandra in Coronado

Anyway, I must get back to the movie.  Well, how powerful!  How fantastic!  Salman Khan was brilliant, heroic, and wonderful!  I cannot sing his praises enough.  Kareena as Rasika was great, and saw all the good qualities in Pawan (Salman Khan).

One of the most tear-jerking parts was when Munni was trying to indicate that she didn’t want to go with the man who was supposed to be a travel agent entrusted with taking her back home to Pakistan.   Munni must have had an instinct that the man was evil as he was really just an evil greedy human trafficker!  Can you believe that awful evil people could even contemplate putting a six year old in this situation.  Well……Pawan rescued her, and of course this part brought out so many tears from me, Chandra and Niki.  Well done to the movie makers for including this as this atrocity happens way too often in real life, and it’s such a human rights violation, and so wrong.

Anyway, I better not let out any more about the movie.  You have to go see it.  Caution… will cry.  But, you will love this movie.  Absolutely fantastic, and a must-see!

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