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Christmas At The Venetian

The Venetian is my favorite resort and hotel in Las Vegas.  I absolutely love it, and have only stayed there once.  Every time I go to Vegas, I want to stay there, but sadly price wise…I have to stay away.  I wonder how packages from the UK are so affordable to other countries, including to the USA, yet we can’t seem to get any bargains like this from here?  For instance, my sister just booked a trip to the USA where she stayed 4 days in New York, and 4 days in Las Vegas (during this summer). Her hotel in New York was the Marriott Marquis right in Times Square, and her accommodation in Las Vegas was the Venetian.  Her price for the trip was £1,000 UK pounds per person (for a family of four), and this includes airfare and hotel cost.  When I flew to the UK in 2014 (in the summer) it cost me $1,500 per person (for a family of four), and this did not include the cost of hotels.  I am so jealous, ‘cos I want to stay at the Venetian for four days!  However, since it’s my sister….I’m happy she is staying at one of the best places in Las Vegas.

Last time I wrote in May about Las Vegas, I told you I would include pictures of inside the Venetian, so here we go.  Sorry, it has taken me such a long time to get around to it.  I even fit one more trip to Las Vegas since Christmas  – this summer – not the same time as my sister unfortunately, and I did not stay at the Venetian 😦 .  Here are the pictures that include Christmas inside the Venetian, and some that were taken this summer.  Oh, and the gelato – it’s absolutely delicious!  Incase you are wondering, Christmas is a great time to be in Las Vegas, and especially at the Venetian.