The Importance Of Education

image Read to your child, it’s one of the most important things you can do.  Give them the gift of an education. Do you know there are so many children – especially girls – who are deprived of an education?  They would love to be read to and to have the gift of learning.

The importance of education for many girls in my opinion, is so that we need to  break away from the mold that is most commonly made for us.  We are expected to fit that mold perfectly, and therefore, we would be expected to just be domesticated wives, cooking, cleaning, and bringing up children.  We are not expected to obtain a higher education, or go out and get a job in most cases.  The importance of education therefore, is that we can break this stereotype.  We need to be productive.  We need to know there is more than just being a maid-servant, who is at someone’s beck and call.  We need to have a bit more power.  We need to have some control.   Education can give us this, it can broaden our horizons, and show us that so much that happened to many is wrong, and can’t be continued.  Education is power – it’s knowledge.

So next time, you read to your little girl – give her a hug, and spare more than a thought for other girls deprived of education for various reasons – complicated reasons that we would never wish upon our own girls.  But, their pain needs to be our pain – for if we don’t fight for them, who will?  If we are part of humanity, we must stop their pain and suffering and try our best to fight for an education for all.  We must fight for an end to certain atrocities that are forced upon these girls, such as child marriage, child labor and human trafficking.  Let girls be girls and not brides.  Let girls be girls and not slaves, or victims.  Give them an education, and break the cycle of certain cultural practices.  When you pick up a book tonight to read to your little girl, give her a hug….and strive to make it a world where every little girl is being read to and more importantly, allowed to continue her education.  Education first, then marriage.

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I love travel, and cruises, and exploring the world. I like taking pictures, and treasuring those memories. I also care about human rights.

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