Do you like taller pictures on Pinterest vs. horizontal pictures?

Sherlock Holmes Pub

Do you like taller pictures on Pinterest vs. horizontal pictures?  The reason why I ask is that you sometimes have to keep it in mind when taking pictures especially if you want to pin them to Pinterest.  Your taller pictures will be more prominent and your horizontal pictures won’t stand out that much.

These pictures were all taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and taken with the camera held up creating longer taller pictures, rather than horizontal picures.   I have discovered that on Pinterest, these kinds of pictures (taller) stand out more and the other ones look way too small.  I forgot while I was taking pictures while I was in London, as I wasn’t thinking about Pinterest, but just the scene.  Good job, I varied my picture taking and took so many pictures.

I like this pub, the Sherlock Holmes Pub/Restaurant – I didn’t go into it….but I liked it enough to take quite a few pictures.  One of the advantages of taking a picture on a smartphone is that you can share it almost straight away.  My pictures that I showed you in my last post were taken with my Canon G10, except the Sherlock Holmes Pub and Great Scotland Yard picture that I got off my Note 3.  The Admiralty Arch pictures on that post were taken with my Nikon P600.  It is hard to share pictures quickly when they are on your camera, although the Nikon P600 is a WIFI enabled camera, I often had problems as the download would stop mid-stream – probably because I had so many pictures.  Therefore, my pictures on my traditional cameras (not smartphone) tend to get shared a lot later.

This first picture of the Sherlock Holmes Pub was shared via Pinterest pretty soon after it was taken in July, however, I prefer having it on my blog, so that it links back to my post.  Now look at the one posted yesterday, it doesn’t look as good on Pinterest because it is smaller than the one that I shared on Pinterest back in July.  I know they are two different pictures of the pub, but the taller ones looks more prominent.

The Sherlock Holmes Pub/Restaurant #3

The Sherlock Holmes Pub/Restaurant #3

I don’t think I have shared this picture before yet, on Pinterest or here.


The Sherlock Holmes Pub - #4

The Sherlock Holmes Pub – #4

Here’s my taller picture of Great Scotland Yard, shared earlier via my smartphone in July – but it did not link to my page.

Great Scotland Yard

Great Scotland Yard

Here’s a few of the London Eye (although I am stepping out of sequence by putting that one in).  Again, they were shared on Pinterest back in July, but not on my blog.

London Eye by the Aquarium  #1

London Eye by the Aquarium #1

London Eye by the Aquarium  #2

London Eye by the Aquarium #2

I will still end up taking horizontal/landscape pictures most of the time, as my pictures are also for my enjoyment and it feels more natural taking a picture that way – plus you can get more into the scene.  Why can’t Pinterest allot more space for horizontal pictures?   Anyway, you will still see many landscape pictures here as I often forget what’s best when I’m in the moment.    I hope you like the pictures.

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