Delphin Imperial Resort, Lara Beach – Antalya – A Picture Video

You know I like to show you pictures?  Guess, what instead of putting so many pictures on this post like I did in the last one – I put them in a video.  Also, there’s some video footage too.  So, come on…..take a look at my video, and don’t forget to like it.

Here’s a brief excerpt description – cut and pasted from my YouTube video – yes, I made this post super quick.

Turkey is so mystical. Enchanting. Intriguing. Have you ever thought of staying in a resort in Turkey? Well, if you are thinking about it, here’s one that deserves your consideration – The Delphin Imperial at Lara Beach, which is in the Antalya region. This video will show you a lot, you’ll even see someone doing a belly dance at one of the shows, you’ll see the pool(s) – there’s many pools, the buffet, the lobby, the beach, the rooms, and the view from the room where me and my family stayed. You’ll also see the coffee shop – did you know you can choose however much chocolate you want from there, and also any of the cakes or two or three! You can also get cappuccino, latte or espresso. Hopefully, you’ll get a good idea about the resort. Guess what it’s very clean – no mosquito problem either!

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