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The Fountain At Carini

Have you ever thought what it would be like without a fountain? I’m sure you haven’t if your fountain is not a life saver. Some fountains are. The fountain in Carini, Sicily is a life saver in my opinion as it’s a necessity. You may think there is not a water shortage in places in Europe, but you may have to rethink your opinion.

Unless there has been a significant improvement since I was last in Carini which was approximately 2006, Carini did not have plentiful water coming out of the taps whenever the faucets were turned on. Long story short – the fountain was where you had to go to fill up your containers in case your water ran out. People would walk, drive or go on their motor bikes to get the water they needed to drink, bathe in and do the dishes. Most residences had to instal a water storage tank on their rooftops to maintain a steady supply of water. Here is a picture of the fountain in Carini. I am supplying two as one is better than the other as it shows a wider area as in my original print.

Carini Plaza Fountain

By the way, Carini is a wonderful place.  I have been there at least five times, and have stayed there for 5 weeks one time, another two times I was there for three weeks each time, and the other two times, just a couple of weeks.

I had this picture enlarged and in a frame.  It was hanging in an Italian restaurant for at least ten years, and then it went missing.  Good job I still have the prints.  I took pictures of my picture to bring you these images.  I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of Carini.

Don’t ever forget to be thankful when you turn on your tap, and you are lucky enough to get running water.  Be grateful that you don’t have to go to a local fountain (even if it’s a beautiful fountain) to get your supply of water.

Also, sorry I haven’t written in such a long time, life has been so very busy.  Does it ever get less busy?  Until next time.