Want a Free Calendar? It Makes For A Nice Holiday Present!

CruiseOne Calendar for 2013  from your Cruise Agent Davinder Kaur

CruiseOne Calendar for 2013 from your Cruise Agent Davinder Kaur

Davinder Kaur - San Diego Travel Agent

Davinder Kaur – San Diego Travel Agent

I have a new calendar to keep you on track in 2013.  If you are like me, you’ll want to be organized and always know what today’s date is.  You can be the owner of one of these calendar’s by doing just a few simple things.

What You Have To Do:

1) Like my page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/luchaniktravelandcruises (if you haven’t already done so).

Why am I encouraging you to like my page?  Simple answer…..I need more likes!

2) Get another four more people to like the page too.

When there is a total of five (you and another four) – you’ve hit the jackpot!  That is the jackpot for my calendar.

3) Send me a Facebook message or an email to dkaur@cruiseone.com and let me know that you are the referrer of a total of five likes on my page, and mention who you referred, and include your address.

What I Will Do:

I will send you my calendar for 2013 (one calendar only per five likes on my page once you’ve met the criteria described under What You Have To Do).

What Can You Do With My Calendar?

1) Use it for yourself

2) Give it away as a holiday present!

What Pictures Does It Contain for Each Month?

This is the exciting part!  I can’t show you all the pictures here, but some of these places are included: Australia & New Zealand; Cozumel & Yucatan, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Venice, Italy; The Greek Isles; Alaska; The Hawaiian Islands; Curacao; Rhine River of Europe; Islands of French Polynesia; and Hong Kong.  Where Do You Wanna Go?

Deadline for Giveaway:

You and the four you refer must like my page (http://www.facebook.com/luchaniktravelandcruises) by December 24th, 2012, it only takes a second or so to do this.

Why Would You Not Want To Do This?

Beats me – it’s free, it won’t hurt you, and remember – no one will come knocking on your door asking you why you liked my page (at least they shouldn’t)!

So go ahead, and do it right now, don’t stress it out….press that like button, you’ve done it so many times before…..it’s easy.  A calendar might be heading your way, and then you can decide “Where Do You Wanna Go?”

I wish you Happy Holidays, and also…..an early Happy 2013!

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