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The Magic of MSC Musica

Our cruise on the MSC Musica was magical.  Perhaps it was because we traveled in a big group.  I will always remember that cruise.  Here are more pictures of the MSC Musica.  Let’s just say this cruise line is definitely worth your consideration.

MSC Musica

MSC Musica

MSC Musica

MSC Musica

MSC Musica

MSC Musica

MSC Musica

MSC Musica

In the evening, there’s spectacular entertainment, here are the performers after one show

MSC Musica

MSC Musica

Did you know MSC Cruise Lines have cruises out of Florida now?  One of their new ships is the MSC Divina and the reason I am mentioning this is that I have a picture shown below with that very name on it.  I don’t know why I took it at the time (during the MSC Musica cruise, and I believe in Turkey)  – perhaps because it has a little resemblance to my own name?  Anyway, here’s the picture.


Here’s me on the MSC Musica

Davinder on the MSC Musica

Davinder on the MSC Musica

Here’s my son (looking out to the swimming pool) and daughter all dressed up for an Indian function on the ship – we were part of a big Indian group on the cruise – we enjoyed Bollywood, Bhangra and more – danced to it, and ate Indian food.

MSC Musica

MSC Musica

Here’s a picture taken of one of their lounges.

MSC Musica

MSC Musica

Of course MSC Cruise Lines also depart from many other places throughout the world, including Europe, where we took our cruise from lovely Venice, Italy.  I think my next post might have to be on Venice.  I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Want a Free Calendar? It Makes For A Nice Holiday Present!

CruiseOne Calendar for 2013  from your Cruise Agent Davinder Kaur

CruiseOne Calendar for 2013 from your Cruise Agent Davinder Kaur

Davinder Kaur - San Diego Travel Agent

Davinder Kaur – San Diego Travel Agent

I have a new calendar to keep you on track in 2013.  If you are like me, you’ll want to be organized and always know what today’s date is.  You can be the owner of one of these calendar’s by doing just a few simple things.

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What I Will Do:

I will send you my calendar for 2013 (one calendar only per five likes on my page once you’ve met the criteria described under What You Have To Do).

What Can You Do With My Calendar?

1) Use it for yourself

2) Give it away as a holiday present!

What Pictures Does It Contain for Each Month?

This is the exciting part!  I can’t show you all the pictures here, but some of these places are included: Australia & New Zealand; Cozumel & Yucatan, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Venice, Italy; The Greek Isles; Alaska; The Hawaiian Islands; Curacao; Rhine River of Europe; Islands of French Polynesia; and Hong Kong.  Where Do You Wanna Go?

Deadline for Giveaway:

You and the four you refer must like my page (http://www.facebook.com/luchaniktravelandcruises) by December 24th, 2012, it only takes a second or so to do this.

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So go ahead, and do it right now, don’t stress it out….press that like button, you’ve done it so many times before…..it’s easy.  A calendar might be heading your way, and then you can decide “Where Do You Wanna Go?”

I wish you Happy Holidays, and also…..an early Happy 2013!

Cyber Monday Sale

Onboard credits, reduced deposits, and so much more!  Visit this page at my website now to book with me at http://dkaur.cruiseone.com/travel/promotion/cruise-event.do and remember the best thing is book now……pay later!

Cruise Sale, Cyber Monday! CruiseOne

Davinder Kaur – San Diego Travel Agent

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Just A Few Reasons To Visit the Church Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta

I didn’t take too many pictures of Puerto Vallarta while I was in Mexico last year during the Carnival Splendor cruise.   I think it might have had something to do with it being a very hot day.

I did visit a beautiful church, and would recommend that if you are in Puerto Vallarta, you should visit the Church of Our Lady Of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Several reasons to visit this church: it’s beautiful; it’s historical; incredible architecture; and it never hurts to go to any house of God.  Go for inner peace, contemplation and go in the hopes of being blessed.  Anyway, that’s what I like to think, and so I’m just sharing my reasons for visiting it.

Here are some pictures of the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta

I enjoy seeing different churches and this one is a must-see.

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta

I tried to get pictures from many different angles

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta

You might find this information useful:

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Church Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta


Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Church Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Nun at the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Street scene just outside the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

And another picture of the street just outside the Church

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Now I will digress away from the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe to bring you a few pictures of the surrounding area, this courtyard is very close to the Church

Courtyard Scene – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I’m sure you will want to buy souvenirs, here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect in PV

Souvenir Shopping, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Souvenirs, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Souvenirs, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Close by to the cruise ship, my three kids just had to pose in front of the Puerto Vallarta sign – many others were doing exactly the same thing.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Now, back to the ship – oh, the Splendor!  As you can see, here in Puerto Vallarta, the ship pulled up right to dock – not like in Cabo San Lucas, where you have to go on a tender boat to the dock.

The Carnival Splendor in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Incase you haven’t seen my video of Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, here it is.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures of Puerto Vallarta, and especially those of the Church Of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I hope I gave you enough reasons to visit the Church, but if not, please read the following:



Thanks for visiting my post!

The Splendor of Cabo San Lucas

First some island music to get you into vacation spirit – this was my attempt at making a promo video!  Also, as you may be aware – my old website at http://www.bindicruises.com is not available anymore – this all had something to do with the discontinuation of Mobile Me, and my decision to not look for another website host.  Also, how many websites can one person maintain??!!

I will not write too much about the cruise itself as there are other posts that I have done on the Splendor, but this is all about Cabo San Lucas.  Now for some pictures:

We went into a gift shop, and this was the view from within the shop

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Another shot of the same scene but with a different camera (one was taken with the Iphone, and one with my regular camera – a Canon G10)

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This is my son in the gift shop

Gift Shop, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We were entertained by various groups of people

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

In case you are hungry, there’s plenty of options

Places to Eat – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Restaurants of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Did you see?  That “statue” moved!  It just might get you, here it is almost getting my daughter!

Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Now for a look at the marina area of Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Family picture time, me with my kids Luca, Chandi and Niki, who inspired me to name my business Luchanik named just after them – Lu-Cha-Nik

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I really like this picture taken near one of the hotels

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Must get in the palm trees of Cabo

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Now for a street scene

Downtown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Restaurants of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Art of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Some useful information

Tourist Information, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

You may need to cool off and enjoy the sights

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Fancy a large cup of coffee?

Cafe Canelas, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Mexico definitely is colorful!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Carnival Splendor awaits us!

Carnival Splendor, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Leaving Cabo San Lucas…..this picture was taken from the ship

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

On a previous trip to Cabo San Lucas, I took these pictures

The Arch, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures I took of Cabo San Lucas.  This was the first port we stopped at, and the second port – Puerto Vallarta will be in my next post.  Thank you for visiting my blog.

Get Into The Splendor!

Get into the Splendor – the Carnival Splendor!   The Carnival Splendor is a beautiful ship, in fact it is splendid!  Some quick facts: it first sailed in 2008; it holds approximately 3000 people; it has a number of swimming pools; and it has the only Indian restaurant I’ve ever seen on a ship – the Tandoor.  Quite simply put: it has all the splendor you would need on a cruise vacation.  I’m not going to go into all the details of the Splendor, and my cruise on it, but you can take a look at a write-up I did directly after the July, 2011 cruise – my review of the Carnival Splendor.   Here are some pictures:

Carnival Splendor

Carnival Splendor

Carnival Splendor

Adults Only Swimming Pool – Carnival Splendor

Main Swimming Pool – Carnival Splendor

Main Swimming Pool – Carnival Splendor

Drinks Service – Carnival Splendor

Outdoor Movie Theatre – Carnival Splendor

Kids Splash Area – Carnival Splendor

Kids Pool – Carnival Splendor

Waterslide – Carnival Splendor

Waterslide & Kids Pool – Carnival Splendor

Waterslide – Carnival Splendor

Carnival Splendor lobby

Gold Pearl Dining Room – Carnival Splendor

Gold Pearl Dining Room – Carnival Splendor

That’s me in the Black Pearl Dining Room

Black Pearl Dining Room

That’s me in the Lido Dining Room

Lido Dining Room – Carnival Splendor

Lido Dining Room – Carnival Splendor

The Coffee Shop – Carnival Splendor

Elevators – Carnival Splendor

The Lobby – Carnival Splendor

Lobby Bar – Carnival Splendor

Cabin – Carnival Splendor

Cabin – Carnival Splendor

Thalassotherapy Pool – Cloud 9 Spa – Carnival Splendor

Spa – Carnival Splendor

Spa – Carnival Splendor

Gym – Carnival Splendor

Spectacular Lounge – Carnival Splendor

Robusto Bar – Carnival Splendor

If you want to stay connected while you’re on your cruise, it is an extra cost (not included unfortunately) – just go visit The Web, which is the name of the Internet Lounge.

The Web – Carnival Splendor

El Morocco Lounge – Carnival Splendor

The El Morocco Lounge is so beautiful, that I just had to include another photo

El Morocco Lounge – Carnival Splendor

Bollywood dance lesson time, and even my little Chandi (in the pink dress) got into the groove, and she was just 20 months old at the time!

El Morocco Lounge – Carnival Splendor

Here Chandi is with two of the UCSD Zor dancers

El Morocco Lounge – Carnival Splendor

UCSD Zor – one of the top Bollywood dance teams in the nation entertained my group – the Bindi Group – this time with Bhangra!

UCSD Zor – Red Carpet Disco – Carnival Splendor

We had Indian food most nights on the cruise in the Gold Pearl Dining Room, here’s a look at just one night’s dishes:

Indian Food – Gold Pearl Dining Room – Carnival Splendor

Did you know that there’s an Indian place on the Lido Deck called the Tandoor where they serve Indian food every day at lunch time?  Here’s just a little of what’s on the menu:

Tandoor – Carnival Splendor

I just have to share with you some of the wonderful food that I put on my plate from the Tandoor!

Indian Food from Tandoor – Carnival Splendor

Here’s a look at some other food that was served on the Splendor:


If you want to work off all that food with a swim in the evening, this is what it looks like by the pool at night time:

Main Swimming Pool At Night – Carnival Splendor

Or if you want to just kick back and try your luck in the Casino

Casino – Carnival Splendor

This is where your little ones will be entertained

Camp Carnival – Carnival Splendor

Don’t forget, there’s always ways to have some good family time with activities such as miniature golf

Miniature Golf – Carnival Splendor

Miniature Golf – Carnival Splendor

Now for one last day time pool picture

Carnival Splendor

If you are wondering what the address is for where you can catch your cruise at Long Beach Cruise Terminal, it’s right in this next picture:

Long Beach, CA – Carnival Cruise Terminal

I also recently made another video, and since my pictures are no longer on my blog at luchaniktravel.com (it got redirected to my CruiseOne website), that is why I have put some of them here, and on my video.  I had spent so much time putting my pictures on my blog, but now they’re all gone.  Anyway, that is why I started this blog (Why I Started A Blog In The First Place?)

Here is my newest cruise video of the Carnival Splendor:

This is different to my ship inspection video of the Carnival Splendor that I did prior to taking the July, 2011 cruise to Mexico.

I hope you like my pictures, and my videos of the Carnival Splendor.  Remember, life can be full of splendor, you just have to look for it…….just get into the Splendor, and you may find what you are looking for – a wonderful vacation!

It’s CLIA’s National Cruise Vacation Week!

For all of you who like good deals, whether it’s reduced deposits, onboard credits, reduced fares, cash back, upgrades, or onboard savings booklets…..an event is coming up that you really ought to know about!  This is an incredible week for booking the best cruise vacation deals ever!  When?  October 21 – October 27, 2012.  Why?  It’s CLIA’s National Cruise Vacation Week.  CLIA is Cruise Lines International Association, and it is the world’s largest cruise association (of which I am a member).

How about signing up for my free weekly newsletter which is an eSaver, and then you’ll be one step ahead of being apprised of all the latest deals.  To sign up simply send me an email to dkaur@cruiseone.com , and write Subscribe in the subject line.  I’ll be happy to sign you up, or you can sign up at my website at http://www.likecruises.com by inputting your email and zipcode in the green box on the right hand side that is titled “Sign Up for Exclusive Offers and Discounts”, then don’t forget to press Join.

First to clarify what some of the terms above are in plain English:

Reduced deposits – who wants to pay the full deposit, when you could pay half only?  You may only have to pay $100 or $200 per cabin.  Remember, the ability to pay a deposit instead of paying in full can only occur if you book way before your cruise – at least 60 days before or more.  If you book within 60 days of the cruise, you will have to make full payment.  It’s better to book early, and to have reserved your cabin with a deposit than it is to book too close to the cruise date (your desired cabin may not be available).   Paying reduced deposits is a DEAL!

Onboard credits (OBC)  – this is free spending money that you can use to pay for your mandatory gratuities, telephone calls, internet charges, specialty restaurant charges, alcohol and/or other bar purchases, etc.  These onboard credits will vary depending on what type of cabin you book.  You will get more of a higher OBC for booking a balcony cabin or a suite than you will for booking an interior cabin.  You could get an OBC from $50 to $300 per cabin (perhaps less or maybe even more) – this is a DEAL!

Reduced fares – this is your week to get special savings, as fares could be significantly discounted – this is a DEAL!

Cash back – this could be in the form of an OBC or cash back to your credit card, not sure on this, but if you call me – I will find out for you – this is a DEAL!

Upgrades – normally, you only get upgraded within the type of cabin type you book.  So booking an interior does not give you an upgrade to an ocean view, but to a better category interior.  However, this week is your lucky week where you can get upgraded from interior to ocean view or ocean view to balcony (based upon cruise line availability and cruise line specific offering of this promotion) – this is a DEAL!

Onboard saving booklets – these will come in handy when you wish to save on internet fees, or get a discount in the gift shop (you just might find a coupon in the booklet) or if you are interested in purchasing one of the professional pictures taken by the cruise line photographers – this is a DEAL!

Sorry for using the word “deal” so much, but it really is a great DEAL!  So, please visit my website now at http://www.likecruises.com or contact me at dkaur@cruiseone.com and let me know where you want to go to, how many people per cabin, what type of cabin (interior, ocean view or balcony), and it would be helpful if you could let me know if you have ever cruised before.  Please also tell me if you have a preference for a particular cruise line.  I am registered with all the cruise lines, and can book you on any cruise line that you choose.

Which cruise line you choose, and which particular ship within that cruise line’s offerings, will depend on which itinerary appeals to you, and whether you have a particular affinity to one cruise line over another.  These are just some of the ones you can choose from (I have personally been on all these ships):

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Splendor

Carnival Spirit in San Diego

Oceania Cruise Lines

Oceania Marina

MSC Cruise Lines

MSC Musica

Princess Cruise Lines

Golden Princess Cabin

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Radiance Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment Of The Seas

Cunard Cruise Lines

Cunard’s Queen Victoria

These are some of my ship inspection videos or a video that I made to help you see what it’s like on a cruise ship, this may help you decide which cruise line you wish to pick:

My ship inspection of the Carnival Splendor: 

My ship inspection of the Oceania Marina: 

My ship inspection of the Golden Princess: 

My ship inspection of the Oasis Of The Seas: 

My ship inspection of the Carnival Spirit: 

My ship inspection of the Queen Victoria: 

My cruise video of the Radiance Of The Seas: 

My cruise video of the Enchantment Of The Seas: 

Unfortunately, I did not make a video of the MSC Musica, I took that cruise way before I became a travel agent in late 2010, early 2011, and really got into video taping my holidays.  I’ve always enjoyed photography, but videography is something I really just got into in the last few years.

These links might also help you to make an informed choice on cruising, as this is definitely one of the best ways to travel:

Top 10 Reasons To Cruise and Frequently Asked Questions About Cruising

If you have any other questions…….please don’t hesitate to call me.  I’d be happy to hear from you!

Don’t forget, it’s better for you to book with a travel agent, because you know who to go back to each time you have questions, and you won’t get a different person answering the phone each time you call.  There are various other reasons as to why you should book with a travel agent.  So, please pick up the phone and call 858-427-4972 now……..I really want to hear my phone ringing off the hook during the National Cruise Vacation Week, and even before then.  Thank you, and I look forward to booking you on your best vacation ever!

My Video – Leaving Hamilton By Ferry To Go Back To The Cruise Ship

In this video that I made, you will see Hamilton as viewed from onboard the ferry that we took back to the cruise ship.  I don’t like my voice at all in this video, but decided to just go ahead and leave it in.  Sometimes, I use Garage Band to do an introduction to my video, but this time I left it all natural – my voice as it was on that day.  Isn’t it funny how we often don’t like to hear our own voices whether it’s on the telephone answering machine, or on video?

Hamilton is very picturesque.  I hope you enjoy the video!

Hamilton, Bermuda

Hamilton Ferry Terminal, Bermuda


My Video – Enchantment Of The Seas to Bermuda – Hamilton (Part One)

Hamilton, Bermuda is a very colorful place.  You will marvel at all the colors – be it the colors of the homes or of the businesses in downtown Hamilton.  In my video that I made just two days ago, you will see our taxi driver and hear an authentic Bermudian accent, and you will see as we go past the Clock Tower Mall in Kings Wharf.  Then you’ll see Gibbs Lighthouse, as well as many colorful Bermudian buildings and homes along the way.  You will then see downtown Hamilton, and the Hamilton Ferry Building.

Hamilton, Bermuda

Thank you for watching my video, and please don’t forget to press “like” on You Tube – if you like it!  I would appreciate it.

Saddened That A San Diego Man Died In Bear Attack – Denali National Park

I am so saddened upon hearing about a San Diego man who was mauled to death by a bear  in Denali Park, Alaska on August 24, 2012.  Richard White loved being around nature, and was intent on taking pictures, and subsequently paid for it with his own life.  The story grieves me because the man is from my area (San Diego); he was relatively young – only 49, and he was married and a father to a 21 month old baby girl – who will now grow up without her father.  Nobody deserves to be mauled to death, it is simply horrifying to think what Richard must have gone through.

I think the story hits close to my heart because I understand what it’s like to be fascinated with bears and what it’s like to want to take pictures of them, and get close up to them.   I somehow can understand Richard White’s need to be close to the bears and to continue taking pictures, even though it was not the right choice.

This is the picture that I got by putting my camera through the bar (I certainly would not recommend doing this to anyone else) and taking the photo:

Black Bear – Alaska

These are the pictures that you are supposed to get when you don’t put your camera through the bars – you get the fence in the picture.

Black Bear – Alaska

When I was in the bus at Denali National Park, and saw the Grizzly Bear, I hoped and prayed that they would let us out of the bus, just so that I could get better pictures, but there’s a reason they don’t do that.

This is the picture that I got while I was in the bus:

Grizzly Bear

When the bear started coming towards the bus, that must have been why the bus driver decided to take off

Grizzly Bear – front view – Denali

Denali Park

I realize the dangers of bears more acutely now, and somehow can’t help thinking….that could have been me.   Just remember when you go to Denali, pay heed to the training, and to what the park wardens tell you.  Pay attention to the signs, and better still – don’t go on your own or be thoroughly engrossed in picture taking that you forget the dangers lurking around you.

I am very sorry for what happened to Richard, and my condolences go out to all those who knew him, especially to his family, wife, baby, and his friends.  May you rest in peace, Richard.

These are some articles that you can read about Richard White, the San Diego man who lost his life in Denali:



My previous post of Wildlife Pictures Taken In Alaska can be viewed here: https://luchanik.wordpress.com/2012/06/11/wild-life-pictures-taken-in-alaska/

At 6 minutes and 22 seconds into this movie that I made and until 7 minutes and 19 seconds or so, you will see the Grizzly Bear in action in Denali Park, moving around stealthily while rummaging around, probably searching for food.