The Big Pineapple

It’s time for you to see the Big Pineapple!

The Big Pineapple, Australia

The Big Pineapple, Australia

The Big Pineapple is a tourist attraction in The Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, and it is quite amazing.  From what I remember, there are several gift shops there, as well as rides, and many other things to do.  I believe there are samples of fresh pineapples too – after all, who wouldn’t want pineapple to eat after seeing this?

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I love travel, and cruises, and exploring the world. I like taking pictures, and treasuring those memories. I also care about human rights.

6 responses to “The Big Pineapple”

  1. Sartenada says :

    Wow. This a great joy to see. I am sure that if I would be there, I would also visit it. Thank You for presenting this amazing thing.

    • luchaniktravel says :

      You are very welcome, Matti! I am glad you enjoyed seeing the Big Pineapple just on picture. Hopefully, one day you will get to see it in person too. I hope you have a terrific week and Happy Thursday!

  2. Dilip says :

    Wow the Big Pineapple looks stupendous 🙂

  3. Pride in Photos Photography says :

    The best pineapple I have ever had was in Hawaaii.

    • luchaniktravel says :

      Hawaii certainly has delicious pineapples, I remember visiting an area where they grow pineapples, of course there are many such places there. One day, I will post a few photos that I took in Hawaii. I hope you have a great day, and a fabulous week!

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