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Cefalu – A Picture Postcard Just For You

Cefalu - A Picture Postcard Just For You

I went to Cefalu, which is in Sicily, probably back in 2004 or 2005.  I took many pictures in Sicily and have no idea where they are now. One picture that I took and enlarged was just returned to me by someone who took it – but fortunately I got it back. I love this picture, and right now this picture is my only visual memory of the picture postcard place that I would love to return to or at least find more of my pictures of.

Below is the picture that took of Cefalu and framed.  The picture above is a picture I took of it as I still have to locate the negative or even the smaller print so that I can perhaps scan it in the future.  Taking a picture of a picture is sometimes such a pain, shadows can creep into it or the flash light or the room light shines into the picture.  Oh well, I still hope you can see how picturesque Cefalu is.

Cefalu, Sicily

Cefalu, Sicily