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Balboa Park As Seen From San Diego Zoo

San Diego Museum of Man At Balboa Park, As Seen From The San Diego Zoo

I went to the San Diego Zoo in December, and saw the beautiful Museum Of Man from the Sky Ride.  You may have seen some of the pictures I have posted before of this particular amazing building, but I haven’t posted pictures taken at the Zoo of it. So here you are…..

You may wonder what the Sky Ride is, it’s a wonderful lift with seats for about 4 people that will take you from one part of the Zoo to another, and you go up, up, up in the air!  Best of all, it’s a free ride with you annual pass, otherwise I think you have to purchase tickets.  We love the Sky Ride!

The Sky Ride At The San Diego Zoo

The Sky Ride At The San Diego Zoo

Pictures may be taken near or afar, but San Diego Zoo, and Balboa Park are two treasures that you have to see up close.  Did I tell you we love the Sky Ride?  Well, we also love the San Diego Zoo, and Balboa Park!