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Human Beings Say Welcome – Let’s All Say Welcome!

Human Beings Say Welcome

I thought we were all humans.  Humans are supposed to have feelings, and have empathy for one another.  How would you feel if you had war in your country, and had to flee to protect your family, and your little children? Then you find out that no one wants you!  Saddest thing ever, so unacceptable!  What am I talking about – Syria of course!

So, I implore you to take a picture of yourself with the sign and post it where ever it will be seen.

Human Beings Say Welcome

Human Beings Say Welcome

Perhaps, there will be enough humans to see it, and to feel sad, and who will then do something!  Do something, please.  Take action!  Sign a petition won’t you?  It’s the easiest thing you can do, can help so much, costs nothing, and can help so many.  Perhaps we can avoid another death such as little Aylan Kurdi’s and his brother Galip Kurdi, not to mention their mother Rehan.  Wasn’t that the saddest thing ever – a family escaping war, and not wanting to see their children get hurt, only to have the family perish, except for the father on their way to Greece by boat?  Then the father who tried desperately to save his children and wife from drowning, but couldn’t – had to go back to Syria – the country he fled with his family, but this time he was all alone, with three coffins!  So sad, I cried, and I think most of the world did too.  However, since then 15 more children just today reportedly drowned on a boat to Greece.  I thought we were supposed to have said “not one more on my watch”.  Then, what I ask, happened?  I could write so much, my heart is aching.

I want to end with a big thank you to Angela Merkel, who has shown true leadership, courage, and determination.  She is a true leader, and an inspiration.  She was the first to say #refugeeswelcome.  What a welcoming phrase that can be uttered so easily, and make those seeking refuge feel so much better after their horrible journey.  So much more needs to be done.  Join me in saying #refugeeswelcome.  Visit http://front.moveon.org to post your own picture

San Diego Says Welcome

San Diego Says Welcome

Sign the petition appealing to the USA to take in refugees https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/authorize-and-resettle-syrian-refugees-us and if your are not satisfied with how many the USA agrees to take in, please sign this petition and tell the USA that we must do more, and take in more: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/obama_and_refugees/?wjzGkhb

You’ve got homework!  Don’t worry, it’s not that bad, at least you have a home, and a family, and are most probably wanted.  Some people aren’t.

Treats From Around The World

I don’t like tricks much at all, but I certainly like treats! Today, I will share some virtual treats with you, and I hope you will enjoy them.

Treats from USA: I love chocolate, so here is a picture of a great chocolate factory that produces terrific chocolate.  Enjoy!

Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, San Francisco, CA

Treats from Italy: I love tea, but can’t produce any great pictures of tea, and since I also love cappuccino, here is one for you (let’s pretend this picture was taken in Italy, but it really was taken in England). Enjoy!

Cappuccino – Harrod’s, London

Treats from England: This is a picture that was taken by my son Luca, and he won a prize for it at his school in a photography competition.  I am so proud of him!  I know that a lot of kids the world over will be eating this type of candy on Halloween. Enjoy!

Harrods of London Candy Shop

Treats from India: Okay, so this next one….I didn’t go to India to take the picture, I took it closer to home in Artesia, CA (close to Los Angeles), but still….these are sweets of India, and they’re delicious! Enjoy!

Sweets of India

I can’t share any more treats with you, as I think that’s enough treats for one day.  Also, as I looked through my pictures, I couldn’t help but think that I should have taken more pictures of food from my travels around the world, why didn’t I take pictures of fish and chips when I lived in England, or pasta when I was in Italy, or Indian food when I was in India a long time ago, or even a picture of any type of food in Jamaica?  That could be a reminder for us all – you never know when you might need those pictures or the virtual treats.  Enjoy your treats everyone!