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Magical Bathroom at Sloan’s Ice Cream in San Diego

Did you know there’s a place with a magical bathroom?  You may have to come all the way to San Diego to visit it though!  Just kidding!  I think there’s more of these – at least there are in Florida.

The place is called Sloan’s Luxury Ice Cream, and the ice cream is delicious!  I’ve switched my tastes lately to frozen yogurt, and resist ice-cream, but who can resist the decor, it beckons you, tantalizes your every bit of sense, and plunges you into temptation – the temptation to indulge in ice-cream or fudge.  Of course, there is candy, and I believe all kinds of toffee apples covered with scrumptious coatings of the most exquisite imaginings, such as white chocolate, caramel, and…..well you get it! Then there are toys that entice the kids.

But, then…….there is the magic bathroom.  Just be careful that you lock the door, or else everyone will be able to see you while you are in there.  See my video below.  I actually made this video several months ago in August, before my oldest went off to college in September, but didn’t get to upload it until yesterday.  When my kids saw there was a bathroom which was visible from a part of the store where all the stuffed animals are, they were curious because you could see into the bathroom, so off they went to explore.  I could not get my son to be part of the video, but he enjoys Sloan’s just as much as all of us.

We went just again this Friday to celebrate my youngest daughter’s birthday.  Did I tell you it’s a great place for a celebration?

Here’s my video

Sloan’s Luxury And Magical Bathroom