When In Rome

When in Rome, you won’t forget to do the usual touristy things like visit the Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Trevi Fountain, Rome

First you’ll want to photograph just about any part of it with other people in it


Trevi Fountain, Rome

Then you’ll probably want to pick on an Italian-looking person to be in the picture


Trevi Fountain, Rome

Then you’ll want to photograph the top of the structure


Trevi Fountain, Rome

The middle of the structure


Trevi Fountain, Rome

And other people taking better pictures of it


Trevi Fountain, Rome

Don’t forget to take pictures that include the bottom of the structure showing the water.


Trevi Fountain, Rome

Now, you’ll want to go elsewhere, and take more pictures


Rome, Italy

And somewhere else again


Rome, Italy

Take a picture from another angle


Rome, Italy

And then walk around the corner


Rome, Italy

Don’t forget to just take pictures of people, any people – don’t even ask them.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Don’t forget the street scenes


Rome, Italy

Don’t forget to get the Italian flag in your pictures


Rome, Italy

Did I mention that you are supposed to get the numerous statues too that are all over the place?


Bridge of Angels, Rome, Italy

Can’t resist throwing in one more picture of the Trevi Fountain.


Trevi Fountain, Rome

Did I also tell you that you should just about take pictures of everything?

Also, one more thing……..when in Rome, forget about home!

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About luchanik

I love travel, and cruises, and exploring the world. I like taking pictures, and treasuring those memories. I also care about human rights.

8 responses to “When In Rome”

  1. Debra Kolkka says :

    Gorgeous Rome! I wish I was there now.

    • luchaniktravel says :

      I wish I was there too right now. I love Rome – in fact I love Italy! Thanks for commenting, and have a wonderful August!

  2. Alex Khoo says :

    Nice set of pictures! Personally, I would prefer not to have any people in my photos, I have similar photos like yours! Check them out! http://mykhoolife.wordpress.com/category/italy-2/

  3. Sartenada says :

    Great post and so lovely photos. I have two photos from Rome in my About me page. In one of them there is my grandson.

    • luchaniktravel says :

      I am glad that you liked my post and pictures, Matti. I took another look at your pictures on your About Me page and just was mesmerized again by the extraordinary amount of stunning pictures. I did love your pictures of Rome, your grandson’s picture included and absolutely loved the picture you took of the Pope. I hope you have a fabulous August, and thanks for your comment.

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