Have You Been To The Land Down Under?

Okay, so my title was inspired by the Men At Work song which coincidentally was out during the time of my fascination with Australia.  I was always intrigued by Australia and knew I had to go there.  So off, I went with a backpack and no more than £100 pounds.  I ended up staying more than a year, and went back once again shortly after I returned to England.  The second time I went there, I think I even had less money than the first time.  It’s a long story as to what I did there and how I survived with such a meagre beginning, but with a big pot of dreams.  Here are some pictures.

I ended up traveling around the country, and actually even hitch-hiked my way around.  I would never do it again!

My first stop was Sydney, but I spent the majority of my time in Brisbane.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbor

Sydney Harbor


Sydney Opera House


Sydney Harbor


Sydney Opera House

You can’t visit Australia without going to the Outback, this is where you will see Ayers Rock.

Alice Springs, South Australia

Alice Springs, South Australia


Aboriginal Art

This one was taken in Melbourne



This is in the Northern Territory, I believe I went from Darwin to Alice Springs and Katherine Gorge was on the way.  I remember a lazy river ride viewing crocodiles that looked lazy, but of course would snap out of that laziness in a heart-beat if tempted.


Katherine Gorge in the Northern Territory

This is Ayers Rock in Alice Springs


Ayers Rock


Melbourne Zoo

This is the best place to see koalas!  I had a picture of me holding a koala and don’t know where it is now.  So sad!

Koalas in Australia

Koalas in Australia

However, I do have a picture of me with a kangaroo!


Back in those days, I did not take as many pictures as I do now, and I know I have more pictures of Sydney and Brisbane somewhere, but will look for them and post them sometime down the road.  Here’s the Big Pineapple again though, this picture was taken on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Big Pineapple, Sunshine Coast

Big Pineapple, Sunshine Coast

I really enjoyed seeing the land Down Under and would like to visit it again sometime soon.  It’s a great big country, and some of the other places I visited were Perth, and Adelaide.  The only big city that I did not visit was Canberra, the capital city.  I really should have gone there.  Anyway, that’s enough of my reminiscences of my time in Australia.

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