Craving South African or British Food in San Diego?

I miss British food.  I know many people think that British food is bland, but if you grew up with it – you wouldn’t think that. When someone told me to try a place called Capetown Pub/Restaurant on Miramar Road, and mentioned they have fish and chips and all kinds of savory pies, I was quite excited, but never did I imagine that this new discovery would be so good.

Here’s what I ordered -pie and chips!  Not just any pie, but chicken curry pie and quite delicious- I must say.


Pie and chips from Capetown Pub, Miramar Road

The chips actually were chips – the British kind – and not just thin tasteless fries.  I was in heaven!  Additionally, there was vinegar – Heinz Malt Vinegar – to drown the chips in- but since they were so good, I didn’t drown them! 

Here’s a look at their menu


The only problem is deciding what to get as I wanted the samoosas,  which must be like the Indian samosas, and my little girl wanted the chicken curry and rice.  I also wanted the fish and chips.  In the end, we opted to share the pie and chips.

You must be wondering what the restaurant looks like.  Here are a few pictures:




There’s a few pictures of Nelson Mandela on the walls and the music playing reminded me of UB40 – one of my favorite groups from the UK.  There are at least seven TV screens showing sports, including cricket of course.


Even though I was full, I could not resist dessert, especially when I found out that the one recommended had custard in it on top of a thin layer of sponge cake.  It’s called “Milktert” – basically a Milktart, but should have been called Custard Tart or something like that – it was heavenly, delicious, yummy…..I should stop there.  The other options were Brandy Tart with custard which I had wanted, and another one that was a sponge cake with coconut.  All the desserts sounded wonderful. 

Here’s the Milktert


Milktert at Capetown Pub, Miramar Road

Oh, I forgot to mention that all that delicious cold custard had cinnamon sprinkled on it.  I was very tempted to get a cup of tea to go with my pudding, but resisted – not sure why.  Anyway, if you crave South African food or British food, perhaps even Indian food….and you enjoy a modern, even trendy setting and tasty food – then give this place a try. 

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I love travel, and cruises, and exploring the world. I like taking pictures, and treasuring those memories. I also care about human rights.

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  1. Mission Valley Resort says :

    Dear luchanik, we would like to know if we could share your marvelous post on our social media with your permission 🙂

    • luchanik says :

      Sorry for the late response….but yes, of course. You can share this on social media as long as it points back to my page here, and/or I am given credit for the post. Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog, and I will surely visit yours very soon.

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