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Beautiful San Diego – Some Places You’ll Want To Escape To

It has been way too hot in San Diego this year.  In fact, just today, it got up to 101°F on the coast in Del Mar.  This weather is definitely unusual for us.  We always have a nice breeze here by the coast.  Where has the breeze gone to, and when is it coming back?  Powerhouse Beach in Del Mar, and the Hotel Del in Coronado are just a few perfect places to escape to.

First, a glimpse of beautiful San Diego as seen from Coronado:

San Diego Skyline

San Diego Skyline

San Diego Skyline from Coronado

Powerhouse Beach in Del Mar – this is an absolutely beautiful beach complete with children’s playground, palm trees, restaurants on the beach and much more.

Powerhouse Beach, Del Mar, San Diego

Powerhouse Beach, Del Mar

What better playground than this for kids?  Play in paradise, swing overlooking the ocean….it just doesn’t get any better!

Playground At Powerhouse Park, Del Mar

Even dogs want to get in on the action at the playground.

Powerhouse Beach, Del Mar

Powerhouse Beach, Del Mar

Some people escape the heat to this place, and the words on the flag are so appropriate!

Wine Styles, Coronado

Some people still want to be active, and what better place than the beach?

Hotel Del, Coronado

You might know that the Hotel Del is my favorite place in San Diego (see my previous post on San Diego).  Today, the sky was so beautiful and blue, there’s just no place like the Hotel Del.

Hotel Del, Coronado

Hotel Del, Coronado

People escape the heat, and go to the Hotel Del.  Weddings take place here as well as on the beach all the time.

Hotel Del, Coronado

Hotel Del, Coronado

This beach is right in front of the Hotel Del in Coronado, and on this particular day in July – I saw two weddings on the beach and one occurring in the grounds of the Hotel Del.  That place sure is popular for many!

Hotel Del Coronado Beach

Even though this picture was not taken at Powerhouse Beach in Del Mar or in Coronado, I just felt it was fitting to show it here – along with the other picture of the dog in this post.  Dogs sure get pampered in San Diego!

Ruby’s Diner, Carlsbad

So whether you have a dog that appreciates the finer things in life, or whether it’s yourself, take a visit to America’s finest city, and you will find a place that will become your piece of paradise.

Please note, this is an addition:  I just had to add La Jolla Cove as a place you’d want to escape to as well, here is the link: https://luchanik.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/incredible-san-diego-la-jolla/ .  Also, please take a look at one of my other posts on Beautiful San Diego: https://luchanik.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/beautiful-san-diego/

Harmony and Peace

Peace, so often eludes us, but can be captured best at the most innocent of moments.  I could not help but take this picture of the couple on a beach in Bermuda – I think it captures the very essence of harmony and peace.

Harmony and Peace – Warwick Long Bay/Jobson’s Cove, Bermuda