Harmony and Peace

Peace, so often eludes us, but can be captured best at the most innocent of moments.  I could not help but take this picture of the couple on a beach in Bermuda – I think it captures the very essence of harmony and peace.

Harmony and Peace – Warwick Long Bay/Jobson’s Cove, Bermuda

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About luchanik

I love travel, and cruises, and exploring the world. I like taking pictures, and treasuring those memories. I also care about human rights.

2 responses to “Harmony and Peace”

  1. Sartenada says :

    It is great picture to show a lovely moment in man’s and woman’s life!

    • luchaniktravel says :

      Hello Matti, so many people go to Bermuda because it’s the kind of place that can bring you beauty, joy, peace, tranquility and harmony. I think that is what the couple in the picture found. I hope that we can all find that where ever we are. Thank you for commenting, and liking my picture. Have a fantastic weekend. Regards, Davinder

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