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Punjabi Dance Party

You cannot stay still when you hear Punjabi music!  Bet you!  You will want to break out in bhangra, and why not!  It’s definitely good exercise.  Want to see a video that I made when I was in the UK?  This video was made at a pre-wedding party, but I just called it Punjabi Dance Party.

I love the songs on the video, here’s a playlist.   The timings are listed so that you can go forward and see certain songs without seeing the entire video – but why you would want to do that – I don’t know – you shouldn’t!  The whole video is good!


At 19 seconds into the video: Aaja Soniyeh from Foji ft Gurlej Akhtar – Mentah.  I just called it Aaja Soniyeh as these words are in it, but not sure what the name of the song is (one of my favorites);

At 1:01 minutes into the video: Aaj Blue Hai Pani Pani from Yo Yo Honey Singh

At 1:55 minutes into the video: I love the song, but don’t know what it’s called or who is the singer, but the dance to it in this video that I made is rather wonderful.  This is when the men get together and dance like crazy!  The song refers to Jallandarh, a big city in the Punjab – where I have been just once when I was 14 years old.

At 3:30 minutes into the video:  There is a ritual dance that is in honor of the groom who will be married the next day (yes this is the party that the boy’s side held).  The girl’s side held their own party the same day at a different venue.  We were invited to the boy’s side.

At 4:25 minutes into the video: There’s a song that I like to refer to as the “Snake Song”. It is the same music that there was a fabulous dance to in Bride and Prejudice, the “Cobra Dance” that had one of the sisters entertaining the guest Darcy as well as Mr. Khan who was visiting from Los Angeles.  Aishwarya Rai was in this movie and played one of the sisters.  This was a truly fabulous movie!

At 5:57 mintues into the video, it’s the women’s turn to dance!  Again, I don’t know the name of the song, or the singer – but you should tune into to see how Punjabi women dance – they do a dance traditionally known as “giddah” – a traditional folk dance.

At 6:40 minutes into the video, there’s Moorni from Panjabi MC (one of my favorites);

At 6:59 minutes into the video, watch out for the men’s turn again as they dance to the Dhol, and do my favorite – bhangra!

At 8:43 minutes into the video, tune in for nightclub/disco like bhangra!

At 9:04 minutes into the video, tune in for Spanish Bhangra!  That’s all I can call it as there is a song that I should know the name to, but don’t and it is Spanish I believe, also popular, and the men love dancing to it bhangra style!

At 9:45 minutes into the video, tune in for the Bhangra finale!

If you love the songs you hear in my video, and want to hear the full version, and see the corresponding video from the artist click on the song links below

Aaja Soniyeh from Foji ft Gurlej Akhtar – Mentah.

Aaj Blue Hai Pani Pani from Yo Yo Honey Singh

Moorni from Panjabi MC

Cobra Dance from Bride and Prejudice, and I know this is part of another Bollywood movie too

Don’t forget with a good Punjabi Dance Party, you need a nice cup of tea, and some Indian sweets, so here you go – just for you!  I took the first two pictures below in the USA, but the rest are taken at the Punjabi Dance Party in the UK at Walsall Football Stadium.


chai (nice cup of Indian tea)



Punjabi Dance Party

Punjabi Dance Party


Punjabi Dance Party

Punjabi Dance Party

My daughter Niki took a selfie of us when we were in the car on the way to Walsall from Northern England.

Punjabi Dance Party

Punjabi Dance Party

Punjabi Dance Party

Punjabi Dance Party

Punjabi Dance Party at Walsall Football Stadium

Punjabi Dance Party at Walsall Football Stadium

Here I am at the party before it got started.

Punjabi Dance Party

Punjabi Dance Party

I hope you liked my video, and the pictures.  Don’t forget to watch some of the other videos of the songs that I really like – they are some of the best, but mostly don’t forget to watch my video.  Remember, there’s nothing like good Punjabi music, and especially bhangra!

Happy Diwali from San Diego

Happy Diwali from San Diego again!  This time the festivities took place just outside the Shri Mandir at the annual Diwali Mela on Black Mountain Road in Mira Mesa (about 15 minutes north of downtown San Diego).  The 2012 Diwali Mela in San Diego was held on Saturday, October 27th.

First, some pictures:

Rajasthan Dance at Shri Mandir, San Diego – Diwali Mela

Diwali Mela 2012 at Shri Mandir, San Diego

Incase you didn’t see my pictures of Diwali at Balboa Park in San Diego, here are three more:

5th Annual Diwali Celebration – Balboa Park, San Diego

Diwali 2012 – Balboa Park – San Diego

Organ Pavilion Diwali Celebration, Balboa Park, San Diego

Now for a video where I put a few clips together, but there are many dances that I did not capture  unfortunately.  I also had to cut out a lot from the dances because of background noise.   In this video, first you will see a Punjabi dance – Bhangra (one of my favorites – especially since my family is from the Punjab), then you will see a dance from Rajasthan, and then another few clips.  At the end of this video, you will see some little kids dancing to Kolaveri Di, which is a cute song that turned out to be very popular, and even my little Chandi sings to it whenever she hears it.

I really wanted to add some more pictures in this post of Indian sweets from a local place on Black Mountain Road, which is a great alternative to going all the way up to Artesia (about one hour and 15 minutes away from where I live). Perhaps, I will add some pictures later on – maybe even on November 13th – the actual day of Diwali.  Just fyi – Black Mountain Road is San Diego’s Little India, and Artesia is Los Angeles’ Little India.  I really do enjoy going up to Artesia, as there are more stores and Indian restaurants, but I am beginning to get used to our own Little India in San Diego, and love one or two of the places there, such as Ashoka The Great Restaurant, and Surati Farsan Mart (the place where I will get my Indian sweets from this year).

Here’s the video of the performances at Balboa Park in San Diego at the 5th Annual Diwali Celebration on October 21st.  Here you will see dances from the many regions of India including Andhra Pradesh, Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.  You will also see the Diwali Lights display towards the end of the video, and then a finale where everyone dances to Bhangra on the stage.

A new addition to this post – it is now November 12th, and I just got my sweets from Surati Farsan Fart, and here’s some pictures of the fantastic selections:

Surati Farsan Mart, Black Mountain Road, Mira Mesa, San Diego

I just had to get some jalebis, these are yummy and so sweet (actually they have a lot of syrup, and have a great crunch to them)!

Jalebis from Surati Farsan Mart, San Diego

These two boxes have mango burfi in one box (second selection from the top left in the picture from the display selection – see above)

Diwali Sweets, Surati Farsan Mart

The second box has laddoo in them which can be seen more clearly in the picture below.  Laddoo are the yellowish round balls in the first big box  on the top shelf (on the left).  These laddoo are absolutely delicious, and have raisins in them – they almost melt in your mouth!

Indian Sweets, Surati Farsan Mart

I hope you like the videos, and pictures, and I hope you will celebrate in some way on November 13th – even if you light just one or two candles.  Happy Diwali!