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My Video – Enchantment Of The Seas – Farewell Party

I really enjoy most kinds of music, and disco music is no exception.  Disco music is a lot better than the kind of music they play today.  Tunes such as “Night Fever, Night Fever” , “In The Navy”, “Get Down On It” and “I Will Survive” are just classics (and they’re all in my new video).  If you grew up in the 70’s and/or 80’s, you will surely know what I mean.  The music they played at the “Farewell Party” on the Enchantment Of The Seas, centered around disco music.   Enjoy the video!

Disco Party – Enchantment Of The Seas

Enchantment Of The Seas

Enchantment Of The Seas – A Photo Review

Want to experience enchantment on the seas?  Well, you might wish to consider taking a cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas from Baltimore to Bermuda.  We took a six day cruise from August 3 to August 9, 2012, and found it to be an enchanting ship  with a lot of people of all different ages.  I was quite surprised to see a lot of families with young children, and my pictures can give you a glimpse of just how many people were on this cruise ship, and give you an idea of the age range.  This was definitely the right ship considering I have three kids – they felt completely at home, and Adventure Ocean was definitely not short of kids.  This ship can hold about 2,446 people, and was truly packed!  Here are some of my photos:

Enchantment Of The Seas

The Main Swimming Pool is on Deck 9, and is in close proximity to the kids swimming pool and splash area.  That is a big bonus for families – it takes a lot of thinking to come up with the perfect solution where everyone can be relaxing and enjoying themselves in the same area.

Enchantment Of The Seas

Main Swimming Pool, Enchantment Of The Seas

The kids pool, and guess who loved it?  Chandi had so much fun and the best part of this pool is that the kids pool is right next to the main pool.  So often on ships, the kids pool is at the other end of the deck, but on the Enchantment, the pools are in close proximity, so that the whole family can have fun close by to each other, and the kids pool is very safe.

Kids Swimming Pool, Enchantment Of The Seas

Kids Swimming Pool, Enchantment Of The Seas

Kids Splash Area, Enchantment Of The Seas

Relaxation on the Enchantment Of The Seas

The ship also looks completely enchanting in the evenings.

Deck 9, Enchantment Of The Seas

In this picture, you can see the Rock Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall, Enchantment Of The Seas

Other Areas of the Ship:

Orpheum Theater

Roots Vibrations Band, Enchantment Of The Seas

Captain Gus Andersson

Desserts on the Enchantment Of The Seas, that were served in My Fair Lady, which is the main Dining Room that spans two floors

Key Lime Pie, Enchantment Of The Seas

Sorbet, Enchantment Of The Seas

Ice Cream, Enchantment Of The Seas

Dessert, Enchantment Of The Seas

Tiramisu, Enchantment Of The Seas

My Fair Lady, Enchantment Of The Seas

My Fair Lady, Enchantment Of The Seas

Schooner Bar, Enchantment Of The Seas

Schooner Bar, Enchantment Of The Seas

Chops Grille, Enchantment Of The Seas

Chops Grille, Enchantment Of The Seas

Some of the artwork on the Enchantment Of The Seas, the first two were taken by the staircases, and the last two were taken in the Spa:


Now to the Solarium, however, the pool is for adults only.

The Solarium, Enchantment Of The Seas

I was expecting to see the Park Cafe in the Solarium, and was so disappointed, as I just loved going there for breakfast on the Radiance Of The Seas.  However, as the picture above and below show: there were other lunch options, as well as pizza, and snacks

The Solarium, Enchantment Of The Seas

Someone sure liked the ice cream on the ship, and she wasn’t the only one!

Ice cream on the Enchantment Of The Seas

Enchantment Of The Seas in Bermuda

Casino Royale, Enchantment Of The Seas

Casino Royale, Enchantment Of The Seas

Floor near Casino, Enchantment Of The Seas

Boleros Lounge, Enchantment Of The Seas

Chandi often came back with her face painted, but she had so much fun and loved it at Adventure Ocean, the greatest place for kids age 3-11.

Adventure Ocean, Enchantment Of The Seas

Main Swimming Pool, Enchantment Of The Seas

The Shops, Enchantment Of The Seas

The Shops, Enchantment Of The Seas

Midnight Party, Enchantment Of The Seas

Midnight Party, Enchantment Of The Seas

Enchantment Of The Seas

Enchantment Of The Seas

Towel Art, Enchantment Of The Seas

Our Inside Cabin, even though it was a little tight for all four of us, served us really well, and we really enjoyed our cabin.

Inside Cabin on Enchantment Of The Seas

The Lobby (or Centrum as it is referred to on the ship):

Centrum, Enchantment Of The Seas

Centrum, Enchantment Of The Seas

Centrum, Enchantment Of The Seas

The decks are a great place to take a walk or run, and try to keep in shape.

Enchantment Of The Seas

There was a Cake Decorating Challenge on Day 6, and the Captain participated, and I believe he won.

Day At Sea, Enchantment Of The Seas

Two of the singers who are also great dancers from the Orpheum Theater, performed for us in the Centrum on Day 6.

Summer Breeze Music Concert, Centrum

On Day 6, we also had the International Parade of Flags, and this was such a fitting ceremony, especially since the Olympics were taking place during the same time

International Parade of Flags, Centrum

Want to learn how to create towel art?  Well, on the Enchantment Of The Seas, they gave a demonstration of how to create the towel animals (however, I still can’t do it).

Enchantment Of The Seas

Do you like Ben & Jerry’s?  Well, their ice cream is available on this ship (not included in the cruise fare) – you will have to pay for this, as well as for the premium coffees and pastries at Lattetudes, and for alcohol.

Ben & Jerry’s, Enchantment Of The Seas

Lattetudes, Enchantment Of The Seas

Now for some pictures of the Indian food – finally, I found it on Day 6 in the WindJammer Cafe.  However, it was available every day on the menu in My Fair Lady, which was my assigned Dining Room for dinner at 6pm.  There was always something that was Indian, and ranged from Sholay (chick peas curry) with rice and naan, to Aloo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower) with rice and naan bread.

Indian Food, Windjammer Cafe, Enchantment Of The Seas

These pictures below are a 1) a delicious rice dish 2) Fish Tikka 3) Aloo Muttar 4) Tikka – Butter Chicken 5) Malai Kofta (also shown above in bigger picture)


I didn’t always have Indian food, and often opted for other dishes such as the chicken dish shown below

Food on the Enchantment Of The Seas

The waiters on the ship are absolutely fantastic.  Our waiter is the one waving in the picture below.

Enchantment Of The Seas

Bernie Martini at the Schooner Bar – he is a fabulous singer!

Bernie Martini, Schooner Bar, Enchantment of The Seas

Balloons ready for a Farewell Dance Party in the Centrum

Centrum, Enchantment Of The Seas

Centrum, Enchantment Of The Seas

Well, that evening the party got into full swing, and balloons were flying everywhere!  Adults as well as kids were having a great time trying to catch the balloons.

Enchantment Of The Seas

The entertainers who usually entertained us in the Orpheum Theater, were now entertaining us in the Centrum, and there was such a party atmosphere, it was a truly nice way to end the cruise.

Enchantment Of The Seas

Closing thoughts on my cruise experience on the Enchantment Of The Seas.  Well, I think it is a great ship for families, and there is a lot to do. There is bungee jumping, rock climbing, a jogging track, the gym, ping-pong tables, a Spa, and of course the Orpheum Theater for spectacular entertainment.  Also, a really important bonus that is on many other Royal Caribbean ships is Adventure Ocean kids club, which made my family vacation really great, as Chandi absolutely loved being there.

To see some more photos that I put on my Facebook page, please click here: facebook.com/luchaniktravelandcruises

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope you enjoyed my pictures.

Have You Ever Wondered About The Entertainment On A Cruise?

The entertainment on a cruise ship just has to be experienced, and is one of the reasons that cruises have so much intrinsic value……not just for the journey, or the destination, but for the experience onboard the ship. On the Radiance Of The Seas, the entertainment was absolutely terrific. The Aurora Theatre was the venue each night of some highly entertaining acts, and in this video that I made, I tried to capture a few seconds of most acts. There is so much that I could not include as I like to keep my videos down to 10 minutes or less. I also felt it was important to show you the Cascades staff, who were also highly entertaining, as were the Cruise Director’s Staff who entertained us from the Centrum (the lobby) to the swimming pool. If you go on a cruise, you won’t be bored!

Hope you all have an even more entertaining evening with watching this video. Thanks for viewing it.

Do You Ever Wonder About Food On A Cruise Ship?

Don’t wonder anymore! Take a look at all the incredible options that were available on the Radiance Of The Seas, during the cruise from Vancouver to Alaska. You will see Cascades Restaurant, the Windjammer Cafe, the Park Cafe, Rita’s Cantina, Izumi, Samba Grill, and Chops Grille. You will see Indian food including the delicious Andhra Pakora Curry that I just had to have two servings of, and there was also Indian food available each night on the dinner menu in Cascades.

After I had uploaded the video on to You Tube, I realized I had duplicate coverage of some scones in the Windjammer Cafe, but then thought who’s going to pay attention……I’ll just leave it in! It was easier for me to not upload the video a second time – it takes hours to upload everything to You Tube. Anyhow, I hope you’ll take a look, and you might even get hungry! Hope you are all having a terrific weekend.

PS: Just wanted to add that thumbnail images (such as the image you see in the video) drive me mad.  You only get three choices or so and in this video I did not get lucky!  You’d think if you are showing a video about food, then the thumbnail image should show something really good or mouthwatering.   My thumbnail pictures actually came from what I recorded on my camcorder (not photographs).   Three thumbnails get selected automatically, perhaps based upon the positioning of that particular image during a crucial moment when the thumbnail gets chosen.  If the three that get chosen automatically are not the most appealing thumbnails, you are left with an option, and that is to edit the video again to get another chance at a better thumbnail.  From what I can see, you don’t get to pick one, so it’s all about luck.  I got the least appealing thumbnails to choose from.  The other video that I just posted recently that shows the Radiance Of The Seas – Part 1, has a much better thumbnail – which just goes to show – that sometimes you can get lucky.  But with this video, it wasn’t so.  Sometimes, I get to a certain point where I just decide that I cannot be bothered to go back and edit again.  Who has the time?

Royal Caribbean’s Radiance Of The Seas, Vancouver to Alaska – Part 2

On this video, I have more video footage than photographs. I captured a sighting of a porcupine – I’ve never seen one before, therefore, I was so happy to get that on video! I also show the specialty restaurants, and a little of the entertainment. Also, you get to see the Solarium, and my favorite breakfast place on the ship – the Park Cafe.

Royal Caribbean’s Radiance Of The Seas, Vancouver to Alaska – Part 1

This video will show my photos and video footage of the cruise, and the port visits, including pictures of Mendenhall Glacier and Hubbard Glacier. Part 2 will have more cruise coverage.

Some people go on a cruise ship for the destination, and some go for the experience on the ship.  I liked both aspects, because I just love cruises, and love traveling.  My other favorite parts of the actual cruise were the entertainment (got a little bit of Bollywood), the Park Cafe food, and the Indian food in the Windjammer Cafe, where I also got Indian tea.  It’s important to have some of those home comforts!

Icy Strait Point

It is now Day 4 of the cruise – Monday, May 14th, 2012.  I don’t have any excursions booked for today, but one of the main excursions for this port is the zip line – which is for all those who wish to experience adventure, excitement and who aren’t afraid of heights.  I’m not daring enough to take the zip line – I like adventure, and excitement – but I think I either don’t like to be too high up or I’m just afraid of rides.

Icy Strait Point is very picturesque, and I’m glad I came off the ship to take a look.  There were several people onboard the ship who didn’t want to get off today because it was raining, and there had been a steady drizzle for most of the day.  We had to get on a tender boat to get to where the boat docked, and when I got off, I couldn’t help but be in awe of how beautiful the Radiance Of The Seas looked against the snow-clad mountains.

That’s me – Davinder – posing in front of the Radiance Of The Seas.

After taking pictures of the ship, I walked along the beach, to where I could see the zip line.  The rain kept on falling on the lens of both my camera and camcorder, so I kept on putting them away, and then getting tempted to take them back out again a few moments later, and then away again after a few minutes because of the rain.  It was a busy time mostly due to the rain.  Here are some more pictures that I took along the way.


As you may have noticed in one of the pictures, somebody had started a little fire on the beach to keep everyone warm.  It was quite icy cold in Icy Strait Point, it surely lives up to it’s name!  The drizzle did put a little damper on my outing, as I would definitely have liked to take more pictures, but I didn’t want to damage my camera, and already had got it wet various times.

I walked into the big brown building which was kind of like a museum towards the end of the pier, and this building also had quite a few shops.  Apparently, I had missed a native dance, and found out about this later.

I then started on the track of one of the nature trails on the other side of the building shown above (museum) to the left of it, and discovered a most incredible sight – a lake with trees and snow-clad mountains in the distance (shown below).  By this point, it was drizzling quite a bit.  I then recorded the zip line on my camcorder, and will have to put it into a video later and add the link.

Altogether, I spent about two and a half hours in Icy Strait Point, and would definitely recommend that you get off the ship to visit this port.  Don’t listen to those who tell you there’s nothing to see here, if you like natural beauty, you will see a lot of that around you.  I then proceeded to take the tender boat shown below at the dock back to the Radiance Of The Seas.


Recommendations: take your umbrella to Alaska, and a thick jacket, plus gloves, and you can’t go wrong.  Will soon write about Day 5 of the cruise.

12 Day Trip Vancouver to Alaska, May, 2012

I flew into Vancouver from San Diego on May 10, 2012, and spent a day there, and then caught a seven day cruise on the next day from Vancouver to Seward on the Radiance Of The Seas.   The port visits for the seven day cruise from Vancouver to Alaska include Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, […]