Beaches Negril – A Fantastic All-Inclusive Family Vacation

Jamaica is one of my favorite places to visit.  I have been to Jamaica four times now, once to Montego Bay and three times to Negril.  In 2010, I took my kids and we went to Beaches in Negril.  We were supposed to go to Beaches Boscobel, but found out at the last moment that our booking was going to be transferred to Beaches Negril, and it turned out to be a great vacation.  It was absolutely fantastic – an all-inclusive vacation that can just about parallel any all-inclusive cruise (and you know I love cruises)!  What was nice about this vacation was that the Beaches Negril property overlooks the beach, and some of the water activities such as the Banana Boat are included.  One night there was a beach party where dinner was served out on the beach, on tables that had white table-cloths spread out on them.  It looked really fancy outside, and the buffet was scrumptious, there were even fresh coconuts – everyone lined up for them and were drinking the refreshing juice of the coconuts right out of the shell.    This was a beach paradise.  If you should ever want to book one of the Beaches resorts, I can book it for you, in fact I would be happy to recommend it as a great family resort and vacation.

Beaches Negril, Jamaica

That’s me with my little girl Chandi who was only one and a half then, she’s three and a half years old now.

Beaches Negril, Jamaica

Beaches Negril, Jamaica

Beaches Negril, Jamaica

Beaches Negril, Jamaica

Beaches Negril, Jamaica

Beaches Negril, Jamaica

The Banana Boat was so much fun!  I tried it myself, and even have a short video on You Tube on this.  I may add this later into this post.

Beaches Negril, Jamaica

Me and my three kids – they got me to go into the Lazy River (you sit there and jet-streams of water push you through the entire pool).

Beaches Negril, Jamaica

Swimming Pool – Beaches Negril, Jamaica

If you look past the swimming pool here, you will also see the beach

Swimming Pool at Beaches Negril, Jamaica

Beaches Negril, Jamaica

Sunset at Beaches Negril, Jamaica

Thanks for reading my post, and remember Jamaica is a great place to vacation, actually one of the very best places.  I love Jamaica, I love the people there, they are so nice and friendly, and  it makes for a great place to vacation.

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I love travel, and cruises, and exploring the world. I like taking pictures, and treasuring those memories. I also care about human rights.

2 responses to “Beaches Negril – A Fantastic All-Inclusive Family Vacation”

  1. Sartenada says :

    It seems that You have had great fun there. After seeing Your lovely photos I believe why Beaches Negril on Jamaica is Your favorite place.

    I have not been on Jamaica. Many years ago we flew to Barbados with my daughter and granddaughter. Well, there are many memories, but one has stayed in my mind above all – white hot sand.

  2. luchaniktravel says :

    Hello Matti,
    Jamaica is definitely one of my favorite places, and Beaches Negril is a fantastic all-inclusive resort. My kids still miss Beaches, and want to go back. Your description of the white hot sand in Barbados is reminiscent of Jamaica.
    Thank you for commenting – I hope you have a wonderful day!

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