It Pays To Have Travel Insurance

It can be quite costly if you travel without purchasing travel insurance, and something happens to you during your travels.

Count  your small investment in travel insurance as a blessing and not a cost (it’s also peace of mind).

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I am happy to report that I made the right choice when I purchased my trip insurance back in May.  As you know, I suffered an injury in Bermuda (wrote about it in a previous post), and not only did I suffer an injury, but my camcorder got smashed up too around the lens.  Accidents can happen anywhere, but imagine if I had gone to the hospital and had to pay out of pocket for the ambulance, guess who would have reimbursed me?  My travel protection company!  Luckily, I did not go to the hospital, so I did not have that expense.  However, my camcorder which cost about $469 or so, was fairly new, and therefore, I put in a claim upon my return.  I made a quick phone call, filled out a few forms, and supplied a copy of my receipt to Travel Guard.  Imagine, to my delight, when I received a check in full.  I thought I would have to get a repair estimate, but Travel Guard didn’t ask me for any of that, they just cut the check and I got it within two or three weeks or so of filing the claim.

Additionally, I want to tell you about a client who booked a cruise, and had an emergency come up one week before her scheduled cruise – her aunt had died of cancer.  Understandably, she could not go on the cruise, and had to attend the funeral (which was scheduled to take place during the same time as the cruise).  Luckily, she had purchased travel protection from me and she was refunded in full (since she had a reason that was covered, and could be fully documented).  Remember, certain covered reasons allow a full refund when you have trip insurance, even when you would not get a refund from the cruise line because you are after full payment date (penalty phase).

So, please next time you travel…..whether on a cruise or on a flight, remember to purchase travel protection, and you will be protected.

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