Incredible San Diego – La Jolla

I felt the need to explore today, and have just a bit of “me” time.  The kids were at school, so instead of being cooped up with the computer, I figured some fresh air and reacquaintance with San Diego was on the list.  I headed for La Jolla which is only about a fifteen minutes drive north from downtown San Diego.

By the way, La Jolla is not pronounced with a “J” like in jolly, rather it is pronounced “La Hoya”.  Want to hear the pronunciation in Spanish?  Just click on the speaker button when the Google Translate page opens.  Want to hear the pronunciation in Finnish? – I was inspired to add these two links, courtesy of Matti from Finland (see comment below).  Thanks, Matti.

This is what I saw, and photographed with my I-Phone (not the camera of choice), but this had been a spontaneous trip, and was not planned, so I apologize if the pictures are fuzzy.

La Jolla Cove – San Diego

La Jolla Beach, San Diego

La Jolla Cove, San Diego

La Jolla Cove, San Diego

La Jolla Cove, San Diego

Even the sea lions love La Jolla.  We have plenty of them, as well as seals, but I think these are sea lions:

Sea Lions, La Jolla Cove – San Diego

La Jolla, San Diego

Tropical San Diego

Tropical San Diego – La Jolla

La Jolla, San Diego

The sky seems so beautiful and blue, but all these pictures were taken on the same day, and I never touch up my pictures.

La Jolla, San Diego

I like flowers by the ocean, so picturesque!

La Jolla, San Diego

Want to see what yesterday morning was like?  It wasn’t that nice weather-wise, it was drizzling slightly, and the skies were grey, but something spectacular appeared in the sky – a full rainbow!  I have never seen such a big rainbow, I was overjoyed.  Again, I only had my I-Phone, and could not capture the entire rainbow from left to right – it was way too big!  Actually, this picture did not come out nice, it was nicer seeing the rainbow in person, and was a completely different experience.

Full Rainbow – San Diego – Solana Beach

This picture taken in La Jolla today seems to have a faint shadow of a rainbow, but I don’t think there was one in the sky at the time I was taking these pictures, although I did see another rainbow again earlier today, but not like yesterday’s.

La Jolla, San Diego

The weather has turned a little cooler now in San Diego, but it’s still beautiful during the day.  We finally got our morning and evening breeze back, but as always – when we have it back, we wish we had the heat back.  Still, San Diego is Paradise on earth, and after seeing it again today – I think there’s no better place.

This is an addition to the post:  Look at the picture I just added (below).  This is La Jolla Cove, and was taken in approximately October of 1996 (before I moved to San Diego – while on holiday).  I just found this picture, and compared it against Image 3088 which is picture 7 (above) – just to make sure it was La Jolla, and not one of the many other beaches around the world.  You will see that it is the same place, even if the quality of the pictures is very different – this new addition was taken with an older camera, which was not a digital camera (not sure which camera – probably Olympus), and hence I scanned it onto my computer.  I wonder if you notice any real changes other than image quality and color?  Anyway, enjoy this “new” picture too.

La Jolla Cove, San Diego – 1996

Here are both pictures of La Jolla Cove closer together.


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I love travel, and cruises, and exploring the world. I like taking pictures, and treasuring those memories. I also care about human rights.

5 responses to “Incredible San Diego – La Jolla”

  1. Sartenada says :

    Wonderful post full loaded with beautiful photos. I love sea and seaside photos very much and now You presented my favorites.

    About the word Jolla. It is also Finnish word meaning “dinghy” in English. Wikipedia gives many different types of Jolla:s. In Finnish it is pronounced a little bit different than in Spanish. If You are interested to hear how it is pronounced in Finnish, then Open Google translator. Select languages so that on the left English and on the right Finnish. On text area give the word Jolla. Now You see on the grey area on the right loudspeaker. Push it and listen. Happy Saturday.

  2. luchaniktravel says :

    Hi Matti, thank you so much for liking my pictures, I am so glad that you thought they were beautiful. One day, you will just have to visit San Diego. I took up your suggestion and heard how Jolla was pronounced in Finnish. It is interesting to see that it is pronounced with a “Y”. Thank you for making my Saturday more fun and I’m hoping many other people will now check out how to hear it in Finnish. In fact I am going to modify my post with a link on how to hear the pronunciation, all because you inspired me to do so. Thank you. Have a great weekend. Regards, Davinder

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