The Ship – Radiance Of The Seas

Cascades Restaurant

The Radiance Of The Seas in Icy Strait Point

The lobby of the Radiance Of The Seas

The main swimming pool

The lobby of the Radiance Of The Seas

The Radiance Of The Seas in Alaska surrounded by snow-clad mountains

The Solarium – a great place to relax

The lobby of the Radiance Of The Seas

Radiance Of The Seas in Juneau, Alaska

Today it is Day 2 of my trip, but Day 1 of the Cruise.  The Radiance Of The Seas is very fitting for an Alaska cruise, as this stunning ship is practically encased in floor to ceiling glass windows, giving you unbeatable views of incredible scenery, without you having to go outside on the deck to take it all in.  The main restaurant is Cascades, and there is a beautiful lobby, swimming pool, casino, fitness center, many specialty restaurants, and pubs/bars.  The itinerary for the 7 day cruise that we went on included port visits to Ketchikan, Icy Staits Point, Skagway, and Juneau.  Don’t forget to take your camera as you will want to take pictures of the ship, as well as beautiful Alaska.

Update on June 5, 2012 – I have added a separate overview of the Radiance Of The Seas, you can see it at this link:

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2 responses to “The Ship – Radiance Of The Seas”

  1. Sartenada says :

    I love ships as also tall ships which occasionally visit in Turku, Finland. This ship is wonderful. Where it was made and how many passengers it can take? Being an inhabitant of a small country I am proud that

    Allure of the Seas – world’s biggest cruise ship

    is made in Finland. I was lucky to take some photos from it, before it left for U.S.A.

    • luchaniktravel says :

      The Radiance Of The Seas is a much smaller ship than the Allure. I believe it only holds a little over 2,200 passengers, while the Allure holds about 5,400 passengers. I know the Radiance is registered in Nassau, Bahamas – it could
      have been built there (not sure).

      You have some taken some very beautiful pictures of the Allure Of The Seas, thank you for sharing those pictures in your link above, and for visiting my post.

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