My Video Of The Enchantment Of The Seas – Midnight Buffet

There is no shortage of food on a cruise, there are restaurants galore, buffets that go on all day long, and specialty restaurants for those who want something other than the food in the main dining room every night.  There are snack shops, and even specialty coffee shops selling you your favorite Starbucks drinks.  You can even get Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream on a cruise ship!

Did you know you can get a chocolate and dessert buffet at least once during most cruises?  On the Enchantment Of The Seas, we had our dessert and chocolate buffet on Day 4 of the cruise – on Monday, August 6, 2012.  This special buffet started at 10:45 pm, and finished at around midnight.  Location?  The main deck – around the swimming pool.  Here’s what the pool looked like that night.

Main Swimming Pool, Enchantment Of The Seas

Here’s just some of the desserts:

Chocolate and Dessert Buffet – Enchantment Of The Seas

There was also fruit!

Midnight Buffet – Enchantment Of The Seas

Who can resist chocolate or dessert?  Certainly not me!  Watch out, you might be heading for a midnight buffet of your own!  Thank you for watching the video that I made.

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2 responses to “My Video Of The Enchantment Of The Seas – Midnight Buffet”

  1. bradleyjai says :

    I hope you don’t mind – I borrowed one of your photos and linked to two of your posts in my post about booking a cruise on the Enchantment of the Seas. for the comprehensive overview!

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