My Video of Snorkel Beach and Kings Wharf, Bermuda

I’m not sure if many of you are into snorkelling – I have never tried it, nor can I tell anything about it – but I can show you a video that I made of a place called Snorkel Beach – it’s in Snorkel Park, Bermuda.

This is the entrance to the beach, and if you watch the end of the video, upon exiting Snorkel Beach, you will see the narrow path I talked about in a previous post, that led to a rather unpleasant incident – yes, it happened right on the street you’ll see in the video, which is also on the same road as the one shown in the picture below.

Snorkel Park Beach, Bermuda

Snorkel Beach is quite different to Horseshoe Bay Beach or Warwick Long Bay – the other two beaches I saw in Bermuda – it doesn’t have pink sand, but it is still a lovely beach.

Snorkel Park Beach, Bermuda

You will get a better feel for this particular beach by watching my video – sometimes pictures capture the essence of a place really well, but sometimes a video can do it even better.  I hope you enjoy the video.

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About luchanik

I love travel, and cruises, and exploring the world. I like taking pictures, and treasuring those memories. I also care about human rights.

2 responses to “My Video of Snorkel Beach and Kings Wharf, Bermuda”

  1. Sartenada says :

    Great. I am good swimmer and love diving without mask in swimming pools. Normally I dive 50 meters / 164 feet underwater. When on some beaches I have snorkeled. In Crete I tried to find sponges, but failed. I have snorkeled in Brazil in Angra Dos Reys once local Finns living there. Again at the end of Your video wonderful music.

  2. luchaniktravel says :

    Hi Matti, you definitely have traveled a lot! I think you would love Snorkel Beach – perhaps you will make a visit there some day. Thank you so much for watching my video and for your comment – I really appreciate it. Again, I apologize for responding late. I hope you have a great weekend! Regards, Davinder

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